Terms and conditions


  1. Terms and conditions for online reservations on the elmastransfer.com website

  2. The contract is considered completed when, at the end of the booking procedure, the customer accepts these conditions; it is also his responsibility to verify that all data entered is correct

  3. The seller Blue Transfer s.r.l., responds by: a) Delay b) Any accidents that affect the person and the loss or damage of things that the traveler carries, if he does not prove to have taken all the appropriate measures to avoid the damage

  4. The confirmation of the reservation gives the traveler the right to use the services requested at the price calculated on the website, any variation of services must be agreed with the carrier (for example stops not agreed), the not agreed changes will be charged according to the price list

  5. The hourly services has a mileage limit (20 km per hour), after which the excess km will be counted according to the price list

  6. For transfers with a discounted "return" and payment to the driver, the full amount it should be paidit at the end of the outward journey, a receipt will be issued for the return journey. If the traveler chooses to pay the one way leg, a new quotation will be applied by applying the list of the website

  7. In case of withdrawal, the following refund policy applies: a) With at least 8 hours notice of the appointment: 100% refund b) Between 8 hours and 2 hours: 50% refund of the amount c) Less than 2 hours notice: no refund

  8. In case of partial reimbursement, on return and multiple bookings, you will refund the difference between the total paid and the trip actually used calculated at the moment's quotation on the website

  9. On the website the traveler can choose between different types of vehicles. If the chosen vehicle should be replaced with a different category, no additional cost will be charged in the case of higher level vehicles. For lower level car, it will be possible to request a refund equal to the difference between the two types

  10. If the journey is entrusted to a supplier of Blue Transfer s.r.l., the same standard of transport will be guaranteed

  11. For reservations with departure from the airport, Blue Transfer does not charge extra for scheduled flight delays. In the case of delays of more than 2 hours, the user confirm the reservation by telephone number +39 070243292 or by e-mail booking@elmastransfer.com

  12. For the services a delay of 15 minutes is tolerated with respect to the appointment time, from the 16th minute onwards a surcharge will be applied according to the price list

  13. It is forbidden to eat or drink in the car (except water)

  14. Any damage to vehicles caused by negligence will be charged to the traveler

  15. Any cleaning costs due to negligence of the traveler will be charged as per price list

  16. For the regulation concerning the service offered by Blue Transfer s.r.l. the specific Italian legislation applies, in the case of disputes the Court of Cagliari is competent


Price list

  • Standard car: € 1.20 per km, € 30.00 waiting time (€ 7.50 per 15 minutes)
  • Premium car: € 1.40 per km, waiting € 34.00 per hour (€ 8.50 per 15 minutes)
  • Van Standard: € 1.50 per km, waiting € 36.00 per hour (€ 9.00 per 15 minutes)
  • Van Premium: € 1.70 per km, € 40.00 waiting time (€ 10.00 per 15 minutes)
  • Minibus: € 2.20 per km, € 46.00 waiting time (€ 11.50 every 15 minutes)

Washing expenses

  • External washing € 10.00
  • Internal washing € 10.00
  • Car upholstery stains € 70.00


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